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'SWEAR    Sr   ?HE   HORN'

cooled down and shook hands with the Crees—
and gave them a big feast.

We had trouble with the north band of Crows,
too. Their chief was friendly toward the visiting
Crees3 but he could not hold his braves back, who
were all for starting a war-dance and killing the
Crees. They set up a guard around them so that
they could not escape, and then started their
dancing with their weapons concealed beneath
their blankets. The presence of a young Assini-
boine In the Cree party, who could speak Crow,
saved the situation and averted what would have
been a terrible massacre. This young Assini-
boine took his life in his hands by stepping out In
the centre of the dancers and making a masterly
speech, in which he pointed out the need for
peace among the Indian tribes and told the Crows
that they would act like cowards If they killed the
Crees who had come to them in good faith—
seeking peace and not war.

'If you massacre these defenceless people3 he
said cyou will be laughed at by all of the other
tribes of these plains—and there will not be a
brave among you In the eyes of other Indians—
they will all look upon you as old women/

That was too much for the Crows; they called
off their war-dance and ordered their women to
start cooking a big feast—and they said: cYour
talk is good. Now we no longer want to kill the